What is a logo?


What is a Logo?

Let’s start with what is not a Logo or the functionality of a logo. A logo does not tell the company’s story, it does not convey the brand message and it absolutely does not depict the purpose of a business.

So what is a logo? A logo, a graphic mark emblem or symbol used to advertise and promote public identification and recognition for the brand

There are three (3) types of logo categories, Logotype, Iconic/Symbolic and Combination.

  • Logotype-A Simple textual representation like a company’s name or initials.

  • Iconic/Symbolic-representation of an object or objects that symbolize the product, service or organization. 

  • Combination-a combination mark is a mix between logotype and iconic.

So What makes a good logo? A good logo is simple, distinctive, relevant, versatile and memorable. Simplicity helps with the versatility and recognition of a brands logo, like Apple, FedEx, Google and more. Always remember that a logo doesn’t have to literally show what a company does; a distinctive logo is one that can be easily separated from the competition, It has a unique quality and style that portrays your client’s business image.

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